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GO! Bridge

GO! Bridge is a user-friendly and simple operation. Data transmission via USB cable to connect two PCs, which combines high speed transmission and non-technical requirement can easily transfer and share data between two PCs.


• Window Mode
   - It allows users to simply check and transfer the files/folders of the other PC.

• View
   - Simply press on window mode to browse the folders and files in the disk drives of the other PC. Users can simply open the view menu and browse the files and folders on the other PC. User can simply transfer files via drag-and-drop.


   - Dock area allows users to copy, paste, and remove/select all data on Dock which helps users easily manage file transfer between two PCs.
   - Drag and drop files to Dock area and paste batch files once between two PCs.

• Add a new folder
   - Click “    ” to quickly add a new folder on the file list.

• File List
   - Right click on the file of File list to open, add to Dock, copy, paste, and delete the files selected on the file list.

• Icon Mode of the other PC
   - Icon mode not only saves the space of the window but also allows users to transfer files to the root directory of the other PC by simply drag and drop steps.



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